Who Should Attend the Inspection?

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The real estate agent is typically the person who sets up the home inspection. That said, you are the customer, not the agent, and the final decision is up to you. What is acceptable in this case when it comes to who attends the home inspection? After all, this is likely your first home-buying experience and it isn’t exactly your house yet. Who can come to the inspection? Should buyer be present at a home inspection or is this going too far?

The seller likely still lives there. Should seller be present at the home inspection? If you aren’t there, who is there for you. You might ask ‘should I be present for home inspection to know what is being checked?’ We’re taking the stress out of these decisions by giving you some information that is factual below. Don’t stress it and roll with it. You are the customer. The customer is always right, right? Read on.

Should I Attend a Home Inspection?

Not only are you allowed to be there, but you can also bring friends and family with you if you choose. You’re the customer and you get to make the rules. You’re having a home inspected before buying. It’s a huge investment and carries with it a fair amount of risk.

Unless you are a local building professional, hire a professional building inspector but you should feel free to attend and know what is going on. Try not to be a hindrance to the inspector so that he can do his work, but feel free to tag along and see what he sees, as he is seeing it. Odds are, he’ll tell you when something is a major problem.

What If Buyer Cannot Be There?

In the case of needing to work or being out of town during the inspection, you can have an agent there, appointed by you. This could be family or friends. You could even have your real estate agent attend the inspection as your agent. It’s truly up to you and you don’t have to have anyone there at all. The inspector is still going to do his job. Who should attend the home inspection? The inspector is the only person who needs to be there without exception. All others are a matter of choice.

Should Seller Be Present At Home Inspection?

Technically, you can’t do anything about it if they are there. They still own the house and they are likely still living in it. You can have your agent ask them to vacate for 2-3 hours and lock up any pets while your inspector is there if you can negotiate it.

It’s truly better if the seller isn’t there because they will likely be following along and listening to every word, which is not in your best interest. They could also take parts of the report quite personally if they are negative. This isn’t a good situation for all to be present for. It’s likely to end a possible sale.

Home sales can be tenuous and very drawn-out. Sellers can be overly stressed and buyers are also on edge, hoping for the best-case scenario. This doesn’t make for a good mix while someone is there looking for things wrong with the home. In great cases, nothing is found and everyone is happy. In the worst situations, the home is found to have many faults, some of which are quite expensive, jeopardizing the sale.

You should be entitled to hear this news in private, without the homeowner in your ear or arguing with the inspector.

Getting the Best Report

The best report is one that is factual and correct. This isn’t necessarily the report that leads you to a completed sale. While it can be heartbreaking to lose out on a home because the problems with it are insurmountable, it is always in your best financial interest to walk away with a bad report.

It’s very difficult to not get your heart involved until the house has passed inspection. It’s normal for all would-be buyers to hold their breath during the entire inspection and until they receive the final report. Still, you must try to remain as pragmatic as possible until you know the home is a good investment. Remember, you’re protecting your investment. This home is going to be what you toss most of your income over the next 30 years into.

Hire a well-reviewed and professional home inspector in your area. Trust that he or she is going to provide you with the best, most thorough home inspection possible. Know ahead of time what are true deal-breakers for you and stick to your guns. Be resolved to make the proper decision, based on the information you are presented with. It’s perfectly okay to back out of a deal based on the inspection report. It happens all the time. It’s just business and there are always other houses out there.

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