Inspections for Home Buyers in Fort Worth, TX

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions that we make in our lives, so it is imperative to be informed of any defects before buying a home for your family and loved ones. Inspections for home buyers are necessary to identify hidden issues with the house that could end up being costly to repair, or worse yet, be a hazard to you and your family.

Our knowledgeable and licensed staff provide high-quality inspections for home buyers to highlight issues and damages in the house before you commit to buy it. While nearly every home is bound to have issues, some would be more detrimental than others. There are many different types of home inspections for buyers, and each one has a specific purpose.

At Home Inspections Texas, we offer fast, reliable, and thorough inspections for home buyers in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. Our inspections follow a rigorous 12-point checklist that includes:

   - Structure
   - Foundation 
   - Walls
   - Floors
   - Ceilings
   - Doors and windows
   - Basement
   - Attic
   - Roof
   - Plumbing
   - Electrical 
   - Heating/Air conditioning

How does a Home Inspection for Buyers Work?

During the home buyer's inspection, the inspector will follow the 12-point checklist and perform the following steps for each one:

    - Check for any damage — Our licensed home inspector will inspect every corner of your home. They will inspect from your attic to your basement, everywhere at your home. They will make sure and check every window and door, and even the roof and siding. The process will typically last from 2 to 3 hours but could be more depending on your home's size.

    - Test the plumbing and drainage system — Our inspectors will check the water pressure by running every tap. We will also observe how well the water drains to ensure proper flow. As they run the water, they will note the hot and cold functions' performance and notate delays or insufficiencies. Lastly, they will flush toilets and inspect around the area to make sure they are no sewage leaks.

Checking the house from the roof
   - Testing and checking appliances — Finally, our inspectors will inspect every appliance for defects and try each one to ensure they work properly. This includes refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, washers, dryers, etc. Appliances will consist of anything that stays with the home, so if you plan on taking anything with you, you should let them know. They test the thermostat system to checking that the cooling and heating system works properly. They turn on the microwave oven and burners briefly.

What Happens After the Home Inspection is Complete?

little house with money coins
After the inspection, our home inspectors will give you a detailed report about the home and discuss all issues or flaws they have seen. To help you better understand problems, the inspector will provide high-resolution images that detail any damage that may be present.

Sometimes, sellers will purchase their home inspection to use as leverage for negotiation of the price. Even if you perform a separate home inspection for buyers, the seller may use another inspection report to dispute findings. Since sellers are not required to make repairs to any issues found, it is advised that as a buyer, you should always know exactly what you're getting into.

At Home Inspections Texas, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive home inspection for buyers in Fort Worth and Dallas areas. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!

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Buyer Home Inspection FAQ

How do I get a buyer’s inspection in Fort Worth?

You can easily schedule a home inspection with a certified home inspection company such as Texas Home Inspection. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and offer flexible schedules to meet your needs. Reach out to us at (817) 752-4004 or click here to schedule a buyer’s inspection in Fort Worth.

What should a buyer do after a home inspection?

Depending on the information contained in the report, the buyer will need to decide whether to ask the seller to make the repairs or ask for credit toward the price of the home. If you choose to ask the seller to make the necessary repairs, it could hold up the closing process. However, if you choose to negotiate for a better price, you will need to make the repairs yourself.

How do I pay for a home inspection as a buyer?

Remember, the home inspector is an unbiased third party and doesn’t provide services beyond the inspection process. As a buyer, you will typically need to pay for the inspection at the time the inspection is being done. Some companies allow for the inspection cost to be paid at closing, but that is only for certain circumstances.

How soon after the home inspection will a buyer get the checklist?

It’s a good idea to attend the home inspection because you will be able to see firsthand any issues found in the inspection report. If being there personally is not an option, the buyer will receive a copy of the inspection report upon completion of the home inspection. The buyer then typically has 24 to 72 hours to inform the seller of issues found in the report.

When does the seller get the results of a buyer’s home inspection?

A buyer’s inspection report belongs to the buyer and them alone. The seller may request a copy of the report, but ultimately, it is up to the buyer to decide whether they will provide it. If the seller is concerned about the results of an inspection, they are encouraged to hire an inspector for a pre-listing inspection. This can provide leverage to dispute the results of a buyer’s inspection.

What if the buyer backs out of a home inspection?

If a buyer backs out of performing a home inspection, they may still be liable for all or part of the fee to the home inspector, depending on the timing that the inspection is canceled. The buyer may choose to continue with the purchase process without the buyer’s inspection. However, a buyer can choose to back out at any time including before or just after a home inspection is completed.

How to start buyer’s inspection in the Dallas area?

The first step to getting a buyer’s inspection in Dallas is to find a reputable, certified home inspection service, such as Texas Home Inspections. Check their license and Better Business Bureau rating before contacting a business for an inspection. It is easy to schedule a home inspection simply by calling us at (817) 752-4004 or request a quote online.

How to choose a buyer’s home inspector in Arlington?

Finding a reputable service for a buyer’s inspection in Arlington is quite simple. Check their license and Better Business Bureau rating before contacting a business for an inspection. Texas Home Inspections is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and a trusted name in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington areas. It is easy to schedule a home inspection simply by calling us at (817) 752-4004 or request a quote online.
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