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Home Inspections for Buyers  in Dallas - Fort Worth Area, TX

Since buying a new home is one of your most important decisions in life, we want to help you make the right one. Our home inspections services for buyers include a full-blown inspection of every nook and cranny of a property to make sure your desired home is perfectly safe.

We’ll uncover any potential red flags that may require repairs and affect the property's value, so you might be able to negotiate a lower price. We’ll ultimately help you make a great decision about your investment.

Home Inspection for Sellers in Dallas - Fort Worth Area, TX

Before putting your house on the market, you should make sure there are no issues that may deter potential buyers from purchasing it. Our certified Fort Worth home inspector can thoroughly check the structure, electrical systems, plumbing, and everything else to give you a clear insight into the state of your property.

That way, if there are any issues, you can make the necessary repairs before listing your home. Not only will you attract more buyers, but you’ll also increase your property’s value.

Maintenance Inspection for Homeowners in Dallas - Fort Worth Area, TX

A home maintenance inspection can help you keep your home in top condition. It can come especially handy if a family member has left you a home that hasn’t been properly maintained for years.

With our detailed home inspection services, you can detect any potential problems that may have occurred due to normal wear and tear and prevent them from turninginto bigger issues that may require costly repairs down the road.

Multi-Unit Property Inspection Dallas - Fort Worth Area

Whether you need a regular home inspection of a multi-unit property or you’re thinking about purchasing one, we can evaluate the property’s full condition in no time.

Our expert Fort Worth home inspector will check every unit from its foundation to the roof, ensuring everything is working as it should, and there are no structural, technical, or safety issues. In our home inspection report, you’ll have the details of each unit’s inspection and the building as a whole.

Home Inspection Warranty in Dallas - Fort Worth Area, TX

Home warranties are a great way to protect the investment in your new home. Getting a home warranty inspection is your first step to peace of mind that you’ll be covered if something significant in your home requires repairs. A 

home warranty and inspection make financial sense in many ways. Contact us for more information!

Builder’s Warranty Inspection

When building a new home, you get a builder’s warranty that usually lasts one year. It covers any potential defects regarding the workmanship and the materials used. Don’t forget to get a home inspection before that warranty expires, because there may be hidden issues that require your attention.

Our home inspection services include an in-depth builder’s warranty inspection, so don’t hesitate to contact us during the 11th month of your warranty. We’ll provide you with a detailed report that you can deliver to your builder's warranty department to cover any potential repairs.

Professional Dallas-Fort Worth Home Inspectors

Contact us today and get an industry-standard home inspection.

What Can You Expect from Our Home Inspection Process?

You can rely on our expertise, professionalism, and a meticulous approach to home inspection. While inspecting your home, we will thoroughly check every system and surface to ensure that your real estate property is absolutely safe.

We have years of training and experience in the field, so you can trust them to do a high-quality job. Here’s everything you can expect from our in-depth home inspection services.
Roof Inspection
Here at Texas Home Inspections, we offer complete roof inspections for residential and commercial properties. We thoroughly check both the interior and exterior systems of a roof to make sure there are no technical or safety issues such as mold, leaks, moisture, improper flashing, insulation, and more.
Exterior Home Inspection
Exterior home inspections should include much more than simply assessing the most visible components of a home’s exterior, that is, windows, doors, soffits, eaves,flashing, siding, and more.

Our certified Fort Worth home inspector will also check your home’s walkways, driveway, balconies, decks, fences, landscaping, surface and vegetation drainage, and property grading.
Interior Home Inspection
The interior of a property best indicates the general condition of a home. That’s why our home inspections services include a full-scale interior inspection that checks every single system, feature, and surface of a property.

We conduct room-by-room checks of the floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, stairs, railings, landings, and more.
Foundation Inspection
If a home doesn’t have a strong foundation, many problems could arise, such as moisture intrusion, rotten wood, mold, wall cracks, rodent infestation, and much more.

At Texas Home Inspections, we offer top-notch foundation inspections that include checking for cracks, uneven floors, unlevel walls, gaps around doors and windows, and much more to ensure your home’s foundation is high-quality and safe.
Kitchen Inspection
The kitchen inspection is a vital part of every home inspection. Every Fort Worth home inspector in our team takes it very seriously, given that it’s the busiest room in a house with lots of important fixtures and home appliances.

That’s why we always thoroughly check all the kitchen fixtures, such as sinks and the pipes underneath, faucets, garbage disposals, ovens, dishwashers, drawers, cabinets, and every other appliance in the room.
Heating Inspection
During your home inspection, our Fort Worth home inspector will check the conditionof all the heating elements inside your home. Regardless of whether the property has a gas-powered, electric, or wood-burning heating system, we’ll run it to make
sure it functions properly.

We’ll check the thermostat, heat pump, wall heater, furnace, boiler, fireplace, and any other heating element you may have.
Cooling Inspection
Inspecting the cooling system in a home is essential for ensuring there’s proper ventilation that keeps out moisture and air pollutants.

Whether your home has natural or mechanical ventilation, we’ll check all the air-conditioning elements, such as natural points of air entry, air ducts, mechanical fans, or a full HVAC system. We’ll make sure they’re operating correctly, and there are no leaks, corrosion, or installation mistakes.
Electrical Inspection
The electrical inspection of a home is paramount for ensuring that there are no safety hazards. It’s much more than simply checking all the outlets, light switches, light fixtures, and electrical panels to ensure they are functioning correctly.

It also includes examining electrical wires, conductors, service drops and service entrances, circuit breakers, and appliances like CO (carbon monoxide) detectors and smoke detectors. Our Fort Worth home inspector will check everything electrical to ensure there are no fire or shock hazards at your property.
Plumbing Inspection
Plumbing inspections include checking the water and fuel supply, filtration systems, shut-off valves, drains, pipes, the DWV (drain-waste-vent) system, and all the other plumbing features in a home.

Our certified Fort Worth home inspector will check all the sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, bathtubs, water heaters, boilers, gas-powered stoves, fuel-storage tanks, sump pumps, TPR valves, and every other plumbing system and fixture you may have.

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