What is a Buyer’s Inspection and Why Do You Want One?

You’ve found the perfect home and you’re in love with it. Impulse buying at Target is one thing, but impulse buying a home without checking it out fully is just a bad idea.
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You are likely not an HVAC expert. You probably aren’t a gutter or roofing specialist either. A buyer’s inspection is done by someone hired to inspect the home before buying or selling it. An inspector can catch fire hazards, roof leaks, mold, foundation issues, and more.

If you are investing in apartments, you’ll pay more for a multi-unit inspection but it could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years. A multi-unit housing inspection will include looking at each unit thoroughly.

It Is Not a Pass or Fail Exam

You should consider a home inspection to be a bargaining tool if you will. For example, let’s say the buyer’s terms are not as favorable as you’d like. A housing inspection that comes back with roofing issues that will cost thousands in repairs gives you the ability to bargain for the seller to fix the roof first or lower their price considerably.

You can even request cashback from the seller at the closing, to put toward fixing the roof by leveraging some of the lender’s money without having to take an additional loan for repairs yourself. This is often referred to as creative lending. Your purchase becomes contingent upon repairs or cashback for the repairs. It’s important to understand that inspectors can miss things and no one can predict when a cooling unit will fail, but they can catch many issues and problems.

There are many types of choices for buyers inspections Fort Worth Texas. You can choose a package that includes specific parts of the home or you can pay to simply have a roof inspection - not advisable. As mentioned before, if you aren’t a contractor yourself, have an expert look at everything possible.

When it comes to home inspectors Fort Worth, look for companies that have a great website that details the choices in packages offered, have great reviews, and when you contact them you get a quick response. This means that they are organized and ready for work.

Inspections for home buyers can be confusing, so ask plenty of questions. You want to know what you are getting for your money. Ask what types of home inspections for buyers they offer and compare the costs. Is the seller willing to meet you halfway on the costs? Sometimes the seller will pay for the inspection completely. Sometimes, the seller has already had an inspection done.

Most banks require inspections for home buyers Fort Worth. This to protect the bank’s interest when requiring a home inspection for the buyer in Texas.

Even Sellers Should Seek Home Inspections

If you are selling your home, getting a sellers inspection done will give you a fair idea of what your market value of the home is. Some home inspection tips for sellers include:

   1. Clean. It’s surprising how much better your house looks to both buyers and inspectors.

   2. Open windows and curtains.

   3. Get rid of signs of pets and keep them away during an inspection. This means cleaning yard waste and indoor hair.

   4. Stage the home as if you were expecting Better Homes to come to do a photo shoot, not a sellers home inspection, Fort Worth.

   5. Ensure that there are no smells. Take out the trash, clear under cabinets, and ensure that plumbing is not leaking.

   6. Ensure the home is warm enough or cool enough.

   7. Be prepared and greet your inspector, and then leave him or her alone. Following them around is a really bad idea.

Not all companies require it but many insurance companies will not provide insurance on a home without an inspection. Texas homeowners insurance inspection is largely the norm. It protects the insurance company from someone purchasing a home with issues and then fraudulently claiming damage claims later for issues that existed at purchase. Therefore, a homeowners inspection often needs to be done before a sale to secure homeowner’s insurance, especially when it is rolled into the loan documentation.

Whether you are the seller or the buyer, a requirement at some point is a homeowners inspection Fort Worth. You can expect the costs to be from $350 and up, depending on the size of the home and the depth of the inspection. You can’t afford to skip it. Call and schedule it today in Fort Worth.

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